2009 – 2012

Two productions by the team composed of author Pascal Brullemans and director Nini Bélanger centre around the theme of grief for the loss of a child. The challenge for the artists was to move beyond a simple recounting of a private tragedy to create fully realized artistic objects with multiple layers of meaning. Beauté, chaleur et mort took on this challenge for an adult audience, while Amaryllis (Vipérine) explored this complex subject for young audiences.

2005 – 2009

The novel House of the Sleeping Beauties by Japanese author Yasunari Kawabata inspired a cycle of three works: a stage adaptation, an exhibition-performance and a site-specific performance. In the Endormi(e) cycle, Nini Bélanger investigates hyperrealism and reflects on death and eroticism. 

2017 – 2021

How do we speak to children and teenagers? How do we create theatre equal to the intelligence and sensitivity of this captive audience, whose presence has been imposed rather than granted? Are there particular conventions that could help artists shape theatre for young audiences? These are the questions driving these three shows, two for children and one for teenagers.