splendide jeunesse


“But my splendid youth! Is there anything more beautiful in this world? What human material! With them, I will be able to build a new world.” – Adolf Hitler

Drawing from content shared on social media, Splendide Jeunesse is a visual object that defies classification and questions the limits of acquiescence. This collection of funny yet disturbing tableaux is presented in a deliberately random way to mimic the online browsing experience, giving viewers the freedom to make their own connections.

This form of delivery allows the project to shed light on the glimmers of humanity hidden in the digital universe while also speaking to the difficulty of living in an open-access world, where everything is available, from the deafening violence to the beauty that keeps hope alive.

  • Co-creation

    • Nini Bélanger
    • Pascal Brullemans
  • Performed by

    • Chloé Barshee
    • Marie-Ève Groulx
    • Tommy Joubert
    • Janie Lapierre
    • Maxime Mompérousse
    • Rodley Pitt
    • Jules Ronfard
    • Zoé Tremblay-Bianco
  • Stage manager

    • Amélie-Claude Riopel
  • Set and prop designer

    • Patrice Charbonneau-Brunelle
  • Costume designer

    • Marilène Bastien
  • Lighting designer

    • Leticia Hamaoui
  • Sound designer

    • Navet Confit
  • Movement coach

    • Marilyn Daoust
  • Technical Director

    • David Poisson
  • Production Director

    • Maude St-Pierre
available to tour
length 60 min
age Ages 15 and up