At the dawn of digital civilization, a young man commits a sensational murder broadcast online. Why stage such an unspeakable act if not to satisfy a compulsive need to be seen?

In a world where the boundaries between reality and fiction are blurred, three lonely voices tell a story that marks the very first murder ever livestreamed.

An examination of how issues around identity have been altered by digital civilization, the Homicide project invites viewers to toggle back and forth between the labyrinthine deep Web and acts of sacred commemoration, between inhumanity and compassion.

Homicide is at once an invitation to question the mechanism underpinning the systems that feed our basest instincts and a stark portrait of a sick society.

  • Written by

    • Pascal Brullemans
  • Directed by

    • Nini Bélanger
  • Performed by

    • Dany Boudreault
  • Set and costume designer

    • Marilène Bastien
  • Lighting designer

    • TBD
  • Sound designer

    • Navet Confit
  • Video designer

    • Julien Blais
in development
length TBD
age Adults