beauté, chaleur et mort

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Playwright Pascal Brullemans and stage director Nini Bélanger are also a real-life couple. In January 2001, they lived through the death of their second child. In Beauté, chaleur et mort, they relive the sequence of events that is their private tragedy so as to dissect their state of post-traumatic stress. What can be done, how does one act in the minutes, hours, days that follow this unimaginable loss? What is there to say, how does one go on when the world stops? And how can all of this be shown on stage ten years later? A visceral ode to resilience, this production – at once story, first-hand account and autopsy – explores the grey areas between reality and representation.

Beauté, chaleur et mort was produced at Théâtre La Chapelle in 2011.

  • Written, directed and performed by

    • Nini Bélanger and Pascal Brullemans with the participation of Philémon Brullemans and Lyla Bélanger Brullemans
  • Stage manager

    • Manon Claveau
  • Set designer

    • Julie Vallée-Léger
  • Lighting designer

    • David-Alexandre Chabot
  • Sound designer

    • Nicolas Letarte
  • Technical director

    • Charles Maher
Théatre La Chapelle
length 90 min
age Public adulte