Nini Bélanger
Artistic director


  • Provoking movement
  • unsettling audiences
  • initiating change

Projet MÛ strives to create art that transcends the limits of a single language, form or audience. Artistic director Nini Bélanger’s work is driven by the need to create work that is as true to life as possible.


the company

Projet MÛ is one the few companies in Canada that creates theatre for both adults and young audiences. Since 2006, artistic director Nini Bélanger has focused on developing work in creation cycles. This mode of production makes it possible to forge a creative process that goes deep and unfolds over time, both in terms of the themes explored and the design team assembled. The company’s goal is encapsulated in its name: mû is the past participle of the French verb mouvoir, which means “to move.”

In her work with author Pascal Brullemans, Nini Bélanger uses the act of making theatre as a means to reflect on societal issues and pressures, forging links between the individual and the collective. Together, these two artists challenge the notion of audience as spectator by engaging – even provoking – audiences in the act of creation, but always in a spirit of openness and dialogue.

creation cycles

Building her productions through cycles of creation enables Nini Bélanger to get to the heart of a subject in all its complexity, to explore it from multiple angles and to examine it through the development of several works.


Projet MÛ is company-in-residence at Théâtre Aux Écuries and a member of the following organizations: Maison Théâtre, the Association des compagnies de théâtre (ACT), and the Conseil Québecois du Théâtre (CQT).