Little Witch

Little Witch

Anything can happen in this intriguing bedroom where we invite children to carefully watch as the fabulous characters of this bewitching tale appear. Nearby, an only actress gives life to the many characters. With her voice magically transformed by sound effects she will take us deep into the forest as we can witness the last encounter between Little Witch and the Ogre.

Exploring themes related to child neglect, the author Pascal Brullemans – twice recipient of the Louise-LaHaye price – tells this story as a tale which gives the adequate distance to touch on this sensitive topic. As she read the first few pages, Nini Bélanger felt an urgency to share this story with children and adults onstage.

Without voicing anything specifically, the duo Bélanger-Brullemans’s suggests things that the spectators will be able to decipher according to their age and capacity of interpretation. The creators, like in their previous work, succeed at convincing us that no matter how difficult things can be in life, it is always up to us to find ways to face them.

Show created during a residence at Théâtre Aux Écuries in November 2017. Available on tour.


Projet MÛ


Pascal Brullemans Published by Playrights Canada Press


Alexis Diamond

Stage director

Nini Bélanger


Chloé Ekker


Emmanuelle Lussier-Martinez

Set designer

Patrice Charbonneau-Brunelle

Costume designer

Marilène Bastien

Sound designer


Lighting designer

David-Alexandre Chabot

Production manager

Maude St-Pierre

Technical director

Jérémi Guilbault-Asselin

The English-language translation of Little Witch was commissioned and developed by Geordie Theatre (Montreal).